CANDLES are such an integral part of witchcraft and occult work that they have become a whole branch of magic all their own – 

Candle magic is probably one of the simplest forms of magic to perform. Basically, candle magic aims to perform sympathetic magic using colored candles to represent the people and things at which its spells are directed. Each color represents a different attribute, influence and emotion.

Here, we will look at basic candle magic principles. Consider the content your guide rather than a rule book, as each magical style or tradition works with candles differently. This fact is important to understand, otherwise you will be confused as to why various sections of our BWC site will tell you to work with candles in conflicting ways.

Unwittingly, you probably performed your first act of candle magic when you blew out the candles on your birthday cake whilst making a wish. This tradition is based on the three principles of magic; concentration, will power and visualisation. You concentrated on the candles, blew them out with all your might and visualised your wish coming true – absolute magic!

Candle magic

Interpreting candle signs is a practice that encompasses at least three types of divination:

The links here to the side, will help you understand how to read the messages from candle magic. Some people will give mundane reasons for the candles actions, such as:

Pyromancy (divination by fire)

Ceromancy (divination by wax)

Capromancy (divination by smoke)

The links here to the side, will help you understand how to read the messages from candle magic. Some people will give mundane reasons for the candles actions, such as:

tall flame is caused by an untrimmed wick

Black soot is the result of oils or colourants being exposed to high heat

A candle that suddenly goes out could be the sign of a breeze

Cracked glass means the wick was burning too close to the glass

In candle magick you need to understand just ONE point …… everything is a sign 

In witchcraft 

Candle magic can also be seen to be a complete elemental system within itself as the body of the candle is made up from the elements of Earth and Water. Fire is added by lighting the candle and Spirit is represented by the wick, as the wick is where the potential of the candle lies and will be unfolded with. With the candle lit, the flame of your intent will burn.

Various colours bring different things to magical workings and they are an important part of the ritual. The energy of the candle can help in spiritual connection, and also, can allow the spirits to share their feelings. Candles are anointed with special oils, carved or painted with magical intents, meditated upon and chanted over.

Witchcraft candle rituals 

Most of the time you can use just a single candle and a box of matches.

A more formal way of working with candle magic, is with 3 types of candles on your altar – and altar candle (most use two altar candles), astral candles and offertory candles. Some spells on this site will use these terms for candle magic, so we will provide the definitions below.

NOTE – This set up is for witchcraft style candle magick, and not Hoodoo Style candle magick.

The astral candle is usually positioned between the two altar candles and represents the person for whose benefit the spell is being cast, whether it be the spell caster themself or a third party. These candles must only be burned after the altar candles have been lit. It is important that the colour corresponds to the colour of the zodiac sign of the person or persons towards whom the spell is directed.

The offertory candle is also known as the purpose candle. It is normally placed in front of the astral candle and is the last to be lit during the ritual. It is burned to represent the purpose for which the spell is being cast. It is essential that the color corresponds exactly to the type of magic being made: a pink candle would be used to draw love, a red one to kindle the fires of passion, a green one for financial or fertility spells and so on.

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