a character of enlightenment, independence, and progressiveness

Luciferianism is not a defined religion, but rather a belief system that admires and venerates the characteristics and personality traits exhibited by Lucifer as represented in the literature and the various books of the Hebrew Bible.

Luciferianism is not a defined religion, but rather a belief system that admires and venerates the characteristics and personality traits exhibited by Lucifer as represented in the literature and the various books of the Hebrew Bible. Although Luciferianism is often confused with Satanism due the fact that Satan is defined as a fallen Lucifer, in reality, Luciferians do not worship Satan in any way and instead model themselves after the original Lucifer, a character of enlightenment, independence, and progressiveness. 

The following list enumerates some of the principles by which Luciferians strive to live. Some items on this list were initially put forward by the Order of the Luciferian Sword and are adapted here with permission. 

An Illuminated Being Who Chooses Rather Than Idolizes 

Luciferianism is about the seeking of knowledge from both within and without. While many of practitioners do recognize Lucifer as an actual being, they envision him quite differently than Christians do, and they are in no way dependent on him in the same way that followers of other religions regard their key figures.

Luciferians model themselves after Lucifer purely by choice, not out of doctrine or expectation. 

Free to Act, but Accepting of Consequences 

Luciferians believe that taboos and social expectations should not hamper one from achieving his or her goals. 

Society and your fellow humans may take issues with your choices, and you are expected to accept the consequences with stoicism if you make poor decisions. 

Pursuit of Wealth and Living in Prosperity 

For Luciferians, wealth is not something to be ashamed of. You are encouraged to strive for success and enjoy the fruits of your labors. You are allowed and even encouraged to take pride in your accomplishments and to highlight them.

Accept and Glorify Primordial Carnal Nature 

Humans are both rational and physical, according to Luciferianism. One should not be ignored or denigrated in order to prioritize the other, and neither impulse should be denied as corrupt or sinful. Luciferians accept and delight in the so-called pleasures of the flesh. 

Cruelty Has Its Place, When It is Warranted 

The Luciferian may be cruel and wrathful to those who have proven themselves worthy of being treated in such a way.  Luciferianism holds that the behavior of others dictates how you should treat them. There is no burden to treat others better than they deserve, though kindness is not discouraged, either.

Conversion Is Not a Goal 

The Luciferian considers himself as a member of an elite group of self-determined people, and he has no interest in converting others. Luciferians see no value in large numbers of like-minded believers who may have less than full dedication.  The Luciferian path is one that people seek out through self-determination, not one that seeks followers. 

Acceptance for Abrahamic Faiths 

The Luciferian respects people of Abrahamic faiths and accepts their beliefs even while disagreeing with them. While Luciferians have nothing against Christians, Jews, Muslims on a personal level, they disagree with what they see as ​subservience to a demanding and arbitrary god as practiced by those faith systems. 

Support and Protection of the Natural World 

Luciferians share some beliefs of New Age philosophies in their celebration and protection of the earth (Terra)  and the natural world. They strongly disagree with some religious systems that see man’s role as one which is entitled to freely use and abuse natural resources. 

Arts and Sciences Are Equally Cherished 

Luciferianism adheres to a Rennaissance attitude when it comes to arts and sciences. Both creative expression and scientific exploration and understanding are regarded as equally important to mankind as a whole and to our individual personal development. 

Focus on the Present Day 

Luciferians do not believe in the Abrahamic religions’ doctrine of an afterlife that is paid for by suffering in the present life. Instead, it is believed that one should live for the present day and make the most of what is here and now. Happiness today is proof that good choices have been made, and there is no expectation that suffering today is necessary for happiness tomorrow. 

Enlightenment is the Ultimate Goal 

All knowledge is good. Ignorance, however, leads to all sorts of problems: hatred, lack of success, the inability to advance, etc. Unlike other belief systems in which faith plays a primary role, Luciferians celebrate knowledge of all types as the key to enlightenment and happiness in this life. 

Free Will and Personal Responsibility Are Primary 

Each person is responsible for their own fate, which is determined by his or her own talents and efforts. Finding ways around life’s roadblocks is an expected part of life for Luciferians, and overcoming them is cause for pride and happiness.  

They are also expected to accept any unhappiness that arrives due to the bad choices they make. 

Skepticism Is Encouraged 

Knowledge is regarded as fluid and subject to revision and change. Hence the Luciferian is encouraged to keep an open mind and be willing to revise his or her ideas of what constitutes truth and understanding.

All ideas should be tested for practicality before being adopted as truth, and circumstances may require former “truths” to be abandoned. 

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