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I didn't think it was possible for Alexis star Spells to convince my wife to come back. Boy was I wrong!

My wife recently cheated on me, and I was heartbroken. I told her that it was over and I filed for divorce. She was blindsided by my rash decision and lack of thought about forgiveness. She moved out immediately and into the arms of her new lover. She refused to talk to me for weeks, and when she did it was to see if she could send a friend to collect some of her things. By this time, I realized that I didn't want to lose her. I was ready to give her another chance, but apparently I had lost mine. I was furious. In addition to being hurt, she was with her new love and she had secured an attorney. We were headed for divorce and she wouldn't swallow her pride and call it all off. Her new boyfriend was in her ear convincing her to leave me for good.

I knew the only way to stop this was to remove that influence from her life; her new boyfriend was driving this whole thing into the ground even worse. I got Alexis star to cast a few spells, and her new partner was gone within a couple of weeks. She moved back in, and while it took a couple of weeks to sort things out, she was apologetic and knew she wanted to be with me and nobody else. Alexis spells were a miracle for my marriage.
I still cannot believe that my wife left me, but I guess I deserved it. I was not good to her, and my many insecurities and jealousy for her success and career broke me down. I was constantly passive aggressive, hurtful, and aggressive, and after one really bad fight, she left. While I was visiting my grandparents, she packed everything and just left. She left a note and her cell phone and basically said not to bother call because she had bought a new phone and basically made herself impossible to track. This was the biggest wake up call and my worst nightmare ever.

My sister came to stay with me to keep me safe and sane while she was gone. I took the week off to search for her. My sister found Alexis online and told me that I should talk to her about the Celestial Mantle spell which essentially takes obstacles out of the way to return your lover to you, even in a stubborn and contentious situation. I went through with this spell, and my wife and I have since reconciled. We obviously have a lot to work out if we are to stay together, but having her back in my arms was a good first step. It worked SO fast. Alexis cast a second spell this morning and I have so much confidence in her saving our marriage. Count on me updating everyone here on what happens with my spells!
Was recommended to Alexis Star by a friend who had a positive experience using her spells.

I've loved many people in my life, but I knew that my boyfriend of 2 years was the person I have been meant to be with. I've never loved more fully or deeply, and for a time, I knew my boyfriend felt the same. Our connection is incredible, the kind of love that makes people take notice. I've never felt like anyone lit me up from the inside out before. The romance between us was strong and perfect until my boyfriend was seduced by a female coworker.

I discovered the affair my boyfriend was having before he knew that I knew. I was visiting a friend out of town and got a call from a work friend that saw them together at a nearby bar. I snooped in his email, and sure enough I uncovered many messages between them. I was devastated and spent that night at my friend's home curled up in bed in full hysterics. I realized that I needed help; if this affair was going to rip our relationship apart, I needed to do something to stop it.

I've been cheated on in the past, and those were some of the most painful and heart-wrenching situations. I never felt the desire to fight for those relationships once the infidelity had occurred. I always thought of women who stayed with their partners after infidelity were weak and lacking independence and self respect, but when the love of my life cheated on me, I felt differently. When your most treasured relationship is disrupted, you'll be more inclined to fight for it.

I'm a very spiritual person and I know that help wasn't going to come in the form of therapists or confrontation. My friend that I was staying with told me about Alexis Star; she has used her services for a money spell to help bring her out of a crippling financial situation. I was reluctant, but I recalled her struggles and how well she came out of them. I hit the contact button on her website without hesitation. and began writing. When we spoke she was so understanding and so willing to listen. I read her the emails and described everything, and she cast a spell to break up the affair and to commit us to each other. Once it was done, things moved quickly. Within three days, my boyfriend told me of his unfaithfulness, and explained that his lover had decided to work in another city. He was regretful and honest. He told me everything and while I've made him work for my forgiveness, I can tell that his commitment to me has been renewed. He is deeply regretful of his mistake and afraid to lose me. I know that he will be forever faithful, and I foresee a happy future for us.
I thought I should updated everyone on my spells. I am seeing movement in the right direction. He gave me a wake up call – which was really sweet of him. He was running late, and he still called me to make sure I got up to make my appointment. We chatted a few times over messenger and two calls during the day. We met at Guitar Center after he got off work, and he got strings for his tour, we played a few guitars/banjos and he was smiling – because I had a banjo and was playing and he said “it is so weird to see you like that... good weird”. Then we left there and he bought us Starbucks, and then we went to a little restaurant and I got us healthy dinners.

We talked most of the night and then we kissed, hugged and both said "I Love You" to one another. I knew my spells were active but I didn't expect everything to come together this quickly.

I made him homemade chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and I gave them to him for his launch at work. He called me during his break. He loved the cookies and wanted to come by after work again for more.